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For EAJRS and EAJS menbers Jxiv Seminar
2022年3月にオープンしたPreprint server 「Jxiv」をご紹介します。

2022年11月30日(水)17時(東京時間)/ 9時(CET)~
2022年12月  6日(火)17時(東京時間)/ 9時(CET)~


Introduction of Jxiv -EAJRS and EAJS menbers Seminar-

The Inside Stories of Japanese Academic Publishing 2

You might remember that Kinokuniya hosted an online event last July titled ‘The Inside Stories of Japanese Academic Publishing’.
As we received many positive feedbacks from all of you who had attended, we are very happy to inform you that we are doing another one next week!
This time, three academic publishers below will have a discussion with a focus on digital publishing post-covid.
The session will be about 90 minutes in total in Japanese, and the webinar recording will be available to the registrants for one week.